Two new users for Complete Counsel

Complete Counsel grows to 6 with 2 new Barristers deciding to use the service.

Complete Counsel, which launched in 2015, is an innovative digital base model which enables Barristers to practice as sole practitioners or from existing Chambers, but with appropriate support on a contractual basis.

Barristers using Complete Counsel can purchase a basic service, largely provided digitally, which encompasses diary and fee management at a low cost.

If they choose, Barristers can also obtain practice management, fee collection and financial management services on a personal basis at agreed rates.

These services are provided by experienced staff on an individual basis so as to maximise the Barrister’s practice and cash flow.

Michael Sherry, Head of Chambers at Temple Tax Chambers in London. Michael specialises in private client, tax planning, VAT and related areas. Michael, who is from Bolton, was looking for a northern base to complement his southern practice.

There is perceived to be a gap in the market in the provision of specialist tax counsel in the North West. Michael wants to develop a practice in the North, but in a way which is cost effective and will not create any conflict in relation to his continuing practice as Head of Chambers, Temple Tax Chambers.

Michelle Fanneran is an experienced Personal Injury, Costs and Clinical Negligence specialist, who had developed a substantial practice in the South West of England at KBG Chambers, Plymouth.

She has now relocated with her family back to her home county of Merseyside and following discussions with established Chambers in the area, she decided that Complete Counsel represented the best model to assist with the development of a practice in the North for her.

Claire Labio, practice director of Complete Counsel, said of these developments,

“We are conscious that Complete Counsel is a new model and that it will only work for individuals who understand how to use it effectively. A number of Barristers who have approached us still seem to want a traditional Chambers service and have a traditional Chambers mentality.

“We could not see such individuals engaging appropriately with our model. Our first year in operation has shown that if you do engage and follow the guidance given, which includes taking a significant degree of responsibility for your own practice development, you will see a real growth in terms of practice and cash flow.

We have had detailed discussions over a period of time with Michael and Michelle and believe they understand what is involved and will profit from using the services of Complete Counsel.”

In parallel to these developments, Complete Counsel will next month launch its mediation services, Complete Mediation, which will provide specialist personal injury and clinical negligence mediation with trained and experienced mediators, to include lawyers and medical experts.

For further information, please contact Claire Labio

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