Charles Feeny: Director

Charles Feeny is one of the two Directors of Complete Counsel. He is an experienced Barrister focussing on personal injury, clinical negligence and industrial disease litigation. He is an acknowledged specialist, recognised by the legal directories . He has achieved Star Individual status in Chambers Bar Directory, in two separate areas of practice, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence. Charles has appeared in over 50 leading reported cases.

He was the first client of Complete Counsel and believes that the digital support concept supplemented by specialist practice management and financial management will enable him and other Barristers to practise in a way that reflects the core values of the Bar, that is independence and quality in advocacy and advice.

In common with an increasing number of practising lawyers, Charles has recognised the coming of the digital age and the deregulation that inevitably follows in its wake.  This demands a more flexible, targeted and cost effective way of working, as opposed to determined but misguided attempts to prop up obsolete structures or persist in outdated working practices.

Claire Labio: Practice Director

Claire is the prime contact for all of our Barrister Clients.  With over 17 years experience in a traditional Chambers model she recognises that a proactive approach is essential in a developing and changing market for legal services, but one which still offers rich opportunities for those who are prepared to operate in the most intelligent and focussed way.

Claire’s role with Complete Counsel involves an overarching supervision of diary and practice management but her principal focus will be on client contact and new business opportunities together with specific marketing initiatives.