Charles Feeny, Gus Baker and Sam Irving published in the Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management

“Charles Feeny, Gus Baker and Sam Irving have been published in the Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management. In the April 2020 Volume 25, Issue 2, their article “Medical Accidents: a Socratic resolution?” has appeared.

The Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management, formerly known as Clinical Risk, is an international publication. The Editor in Chief is Professor Albert Wu, of the John Hopkins University, USA. It is published online with access by subscription.  It publishes cutting edge articles in relation to patient safety and risk management.

The article by Charles, Gus and Sam discusses the response to medical accidents in the United Kingdom. They argue that the approach appears to be something which has developed in a piecemeal way.

The authors believe that the processes are now outmoded and lack a clear overview, in particular in terms of promoting better clinical management and less psychological impact on the victim.

There is specific discussion of the effect of clinical negligence litigation in terms of adverse outcomes in terms of patient safety and the psychological wellbeing of victims. The conclusion is that an overall approach has to be considered which will improve both patient safety and psychological outcomes for those injured by medical accidents.“

The article is subject to copy right but an abstract together with a link to sign up for the journal can be found here.

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