Contribution and Apportionment: Unruly Horses? An article by Charles Feeny and Sam Irving for PI Brief Update Law Journal

25/01/18. “Public policy is a very unruly horse, and when once you get astride, you never know where it will carry you.” These oft repeated words were those of Borough J in Richardson v. Mellish in 1824 and are the first reference to the much repeated maxim, that resorting to public policy is equivalent to mounting an unruly horse. The expression has been used in the law of tort in other contexts too, most recently in Lumba v. Secretary of State for the Home Department…”

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Andrea Barnes finds Complete solution to costs practice

Leading costs lawyer and former head of costs at Clerksroom has decided to use Complete Counsel to manage part of her costs practice.

Complete Counsel is a business offering targeted support for barristers on a contractual basis. Barristers can use its services as a sole Practitioner or whilst remaining a tenant at existing chambers.

Andrea said ‘I was recommended CC by Michelle Fanneran, another cost specialist and was curious to see if such a business would work for me. After a short trial period I found the service swift, appropriate and value for money. I am happy to have found such a good home for some of my specialised costs work, particularly in the Midlands and North West of England.’

Claire Labio, Practice Director Of Complete Counsel commented, “Andrea is very much in the mould of a barrister who will benefit from using our service. She is a specialist with a resourceful approach. She is clear in her expectations and we believe we can meet those.”

Andrea will continue to practise from 218 Strand Chambers in London.

Complete Counsel sponsor the Women Lawyers Merseyside Annual Charity Quiz

Complete Counsel are proud to sponsor the Women Lawyers Merseyside Annual Charity Quiz.

All proceeds from the evening will be donated to Marie Curie.

See below for full details.

Here’s to 2018

So, as another year passes I thought I’d look back on the achievements of 2017 and think ahead to 2018 with all the promise it could bring.

We started out in 2015 with the sole purpose of creating a lean model, one with collaboration, co-working and non-conformity at its heart.

Sure there were naysayers, those who thought there was no room in the market for a niche company providing all the support a barrister needed at a fraction of the cost and no building noose around their necks. Fast forward almost 3 years and I’m pleased to say those sceptics were quite obviously wrong. Our starting team of 3 Barristers became 8, all with established and flourishing practices.

We have no overdraft and no need for one, consultancy contracts in place of full time employees allowing me to buy in what I need from whom whenever I need it. Our IT, social media sites and para legal support all provided by energetic, idea fuelled individuals with a thirst to shake things up a bit, heck perhaps even a lot with their brilliant but cost effective ideas. 2018 I hope will continue in the same vein. Excited to see who the 9th Barrister to join us will be. Happy New Year everyone.

Thank you to all those who continue to support me on the best journey of my life. Your friendship is invaluable.

7th February 2018 – Charles Feeny speaking to The Leeds and District Medico Legal Society

7thFebruary 2018 – Leeds

Charles Feeny speaking to The Leeds and District Medico Legal Society – BPP Law School, Leeds

Every Second Counts? Will be a demonstration of the use of experts in a hot tubbing session.  Charles will play the role of a judge interrogating two expert neonatologists Professor Simon Mitchell of St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester and Dr Chris Dewhurst of Liverpool Women’s Hospital. The Presentation will involve the experts expressing differing views as to the consequences of delay in delivery in a cerebral palsy claim

1st Dec 2017 – North West Surgical Society Annual General Meeting

Charles Feeny & Tom Goodhead present  ‘Anatomy Assumed, Liability Presumed’ together with Professor Graeme Poston, Mr Rory McCloy , and His Honour Nigel Gilmour.

“A mock trial involving cross examination , legal submissions, and judgment. The case involves bile duct injury in routine cholecystectomy. The presentation is aimed at giving surgeons insight into legal issues and how a case unfolds at court. Lawyers will gain greater understanding of the technical issues surrounding bile duct injury”.

Golden Rules of Litigation event

There is still chance to book on to hear Tom Goodhead speak at Liverpool Law Society on the ‘Golden Rules of Litigation’.

Visit the website now for full details and to book your seat.