Claire Labio: Practice Director

Claire’s principal focus is on client contact and new business opportunities together with working with individual Barristers on specific marketing initiatives.  She also has responsibility for managing the day to day smooth running of the diary and fee collection.

Claire is swift to spot new work streams and opportunities. Claire recognises the importance of acting quickly in order to capitalise on these.  She has a good work ethic and demands the same from the Barristers using Complete Counsel ensuring excellent service standards are delivered.

As part of our Practice Development, we offer yearly practice reviews with our Barristers to ensure things are moving in the right direction.  A separate 6 monthly review is undertaken in house to ensure alignment of targets. To see a copy of our Practice Development Review please click here.


“We have spent a considerable period developing the model and talking to key players in the market.  What has been striking from our discussions is how  the traditional Bar still remains reluctant to listen to clients and provide them with what they really want, which clearly comes through as responsiveness, genuine specialisation, and extra value.  There is a clear perception that the Bar is in many ways seeking to operate as it always has done and does not understand the pressures that their clients face.

The Complete Counsel model will only work for an individual Barrister if that Barrister is prepared to embrace the real demands of their clients – be they solicitors or direct access members of the public. Barristers using the model are likely to engage paralegal support and to engage in marketing, training and profile related activities which provide genuine value to their clients.  The practice development agreement with us will not only reflect the expectations of Counsel but also the expectations on them in which they must engage if they are to enjoy success in a challenging market”

Charles Feeny – Director – Complete Counsel

“Attempts at Practice Development are pointless if they are formulaic or nominal. A stereotypical discussion about obvious targets, resulting in a couple of lunches or seminars might produce a few sets of papers. However, what is really needed is a clear profile in the market and the development of lasting relationships.
The barrister and Practice Director need to work together to see the opportunities and to understand what the clients want. There has to be an acceptance that there is a clear surplus of barristers seeking the better quality work. Patience, persistence, and determination are necessary. Many barristers think that if instant success is not achieved then the process has failed. Frustration is then translated into complaints about clerking.
Both the Barrister and the Practice Director need to work at the same process and understand their different roles. The Practice Director is vital in terms of her relationship with clients, understanding their needs and concerns. She must be perceived by the clients as reliable and someone they can trust.”