Diary & Case Management

Complete Counsel use the Meridian Law Connected software (MLC). This enables swift access for full diary and case management, fee collection, automatic time recording and effective document management. The saving on time spent on general administrative tasks allows us to focus on building relationships with our clients.

Fee Administration/Collection

Fee Collection within Complete Counsel is carried out by experienced fee clerks in a professional, efficient manner ensuring only the best results are obtained. This is carried out in a focused and efficient manner as opposed to the repetitive production of reminder letters.  Helen is able to assist the Barristers using our service in the production of VAT and Tax Return information.

PA Service

We offer 24/7 support by a team of PA’s who are used to dealing with the Legal Profession and understand their requirements. Our PA’s are highly trained with many years experience. Sharon Sartain, our Operations Manager can be contacted on support@completecounsel.co.uk to discuss any aspect of our PA Support.