Complete Counsel does not provide or market legal services. It does provide marketing support, in particular in conjunction with the practice development services.  The Directors of Complete Counsel have very extensive experience and knowledge of the market for the Bar.  This knowledge and experience flows from their different careers and different business interests.  The Directors of Document Direct, as the largest outsource supplier of document production in the UK legal market, have constant contact and dialogue with law firms.  They understand the financial and business pressures on these firms in a way which would not necessarily emerge through the traditional interface of Barrister/Bar Clerk and solicitors’ firm.  Through its knowledge, experience and contacts, Complete Counsel will be able to advise Barristers as to the best way in which to market and develop their practice.

Digital marketing, websites and blogs

Whilst some Barristers have shown reluctance or reticence in relation to digital marketing, there is no doubt that those who have embraced the opportunities have seen real development in profile and marketing.  There is no doubt that this is now the most cost effective form of practice promotion.

Complete Counsel has knowledge and expertise in this area.  Document Direct’s success is underpinned by the effective use of digital communication, in particular through LinkedIn and Facebook.  Charles Feeny, with others, has conceived and developed the successful web-based project, Pro-VIDE Law.  Pro-VIDE Law operates through a website which publishes case notes and other focused pieces on legal and technical issues.  It has an eclectic mix of contributors, including practising lawyers but also experts and academics.  It works on the basis of promoting discussion and debate as opposed to repetitive self-promotion.

Pro-VIDE Law has had over 4000 hits in any month and over 200 regular readers who are all likely to be specialists in their relevant fields.

Pro-VIDE Law also arranges specific events involving lawyers and expert witnesses on current issues which provide valuable training to clients.  These events are filmed and circulated as webinars.


“The team are at the forefront of disease and clinical negligence litigation.  The training they provide is presented in a refreshing way – analysing the topics from different angles”

Andrew Craggs – Head of Health Litigation Team – Hill Dickinson


“Charles Feeny is able to offer real expert insight into potential legal challenges in the area of disease claims. With a strong track record in disease litigation, Charles is a true market leader. He brings this expertise with him in all he does, his Pro-VIDE seminars are no exception: A must attend for anyone serious about challenging accepted norms in this specialist area.”

Michael Mackenzie – Claims Manager – BAI Claims Services Ltd


“Pro-VIDE – an excellent learning resource for an expert witness”

Dr David Levy – Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust


“I recently attend the Provide course “Mesothelioma- a New Generation of Claims” in Manchester. If you review the decisions at High Court and Court of Appeal on minimal exposure cases, Charles Feeny has appeared for the Defendant on virtually each and every successful case. As such, his presentation was excellent and provided real insight as to the likely evolution of case law in this area. The supporting speakers were also very knowledgeable and provided a good all round review of a very interesting subject matter. Well pitched and timely, given this evolving area of law”

Gary Brankin – Solicitor Advocate/Joint Head of Leeds Office – BC Legal


Pro-DIGI, a sister blog to Pro-VIDE, is launched as part of the Complete Counsel website.  The focus of Pro-DIGI is on the developing digital economy, in particular the digital city.  The blog aims to stimulate debate and understanding on how digital communication is transforming the market for legal services.  Understanding this transformation will enable individuals to maximise the vast opportunities that digital process and communication presents in conjunction with the inevitable deregulation that this sea change has produced.

Marketing and social events

Claire Labio, as Practice Director, is always keen to identify specific training needs with clients and has expertise in arranging appropriate seminars and other events.  Simple social contact is not to be underestimated and identifying occasions when Barristers and clients can spend time together so as to cement their working relationships would be part of any development plan.