The Shed: The First Six Months

When I announced at the beginning of this year that I was going to practise from my shed, it created some surprise, in particular amongst those credulous enough to believe it. So how has it gone? Well, overall I feel quite liberated and close to nature. There have been some downsides, in particular a few […]

IEG v Zurich: Insurance Law for the Digital Age?

The rules for the division of a prize, that is a captured Vessel in 18th Century Maritime custom, were elaborate and precise. In Patrick O’Brian’s, “Master and Commander”, Captain Jack Aubrey contemplates his share of the prize, the Danish ship, “DORTHE ENGELBRECHTSDATTER”, as follows: “As he let himself sink on to the long cushioned locker, he found […]

About Pro-DIGI

Pro-DIGI is a forum for discussion.  Contributors are invited to discuss the emergence of the digital city, with particular emphasis on the developing business district of Liverpool. Paradoxically, the presence of much derided call centres in the city centre has created significant resource in IT support within the city.  There is a tradition in Liverpool […]

The Complete Counsel ruse

Claire and I have spent some time in the past few weeks talking to clients and organisations in the market. We are very grateful to those who spared their time and been prepared to offer their advice. The practice development service offered by Complete Counsel is intended to give Barristers the best opportunity to maintain […]

The digital city and mass labour

There is no doubt that mass labour is a phenomenon associated with industrialisation but what is its relevance, if any, in the digital city? You will recall in the last post I spoke of the digital city resembling an ancient Greek agora on a global scale, the question now is how will this new found […]