Complete mediation logoComplete Counsel wishes to give advance notification of its parallel brand, Complete Mediation.

Complete Mediation will offer mediation and alternative dispute resolution services through a panel of experienced and accredited mediators. Through its association with Complete Counsel, the services of Complete Mediation will be offered by mediators who have insight into the developing market for mediation and the widely recognised value of mediation. The services of Complete Mediation will be managed by Complete Counsel and will reflect a similar approach to efficiency and responsiveness to clients.

Mediation will be offered in a wide range of disputes, including litigation, but also disciplinary and regulatory issues and special educational needs.

Scott Donovan (Barrister), Michael Swift (Chartered Accountant), David Miller (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon) and Anne Heseltine (Solicitor) are to be the initial mediators with Complete Mediation, but it is intended to expand the panel in line with the growing demand for mediation.

Scott Donovan will act as a Consultant in the formation of the mediation service.

If you are interested in using the services of Complete Mediation, please contact Claire Labio.