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Reflections from SITGES

REFLECTIONS FROM SITGES Mediation: Return of legal realism? I found the course stimulating and challenging. It gave me a real insight into mediation as an overall psychological process, with the intention of enabling a resolution which was acceptable to the parties, as opposed to one begrudgingly accepted in conventional negotiation or imposed by a Judge. […]

Complete Mediation to offer creative mediation solutions to local economy

Complete Mediation will begin offering a mediation service from July 2016. Complete Mediation is a sister company to Complete Counsel, which is an innovative digitally based service providing focused and economic support for Barristers. Complete Mediation will operate from Liverpool and is the first specialist mediation company in the city. However, it intends to provide […]


In previous articles, we have suggested that the Digital City does not have any specific location, but rather is constituted by the connections which the internet facilitates. Against this background, where the citizens are located might be regarded as essentially happenstance, but digitally they are all citizens of the same entity. However, personal interactions remain […]


Written by Sammy Nanneh and Charles Feeny A great deal of light has recently been shed on the advent of technology in our legal system. Moore’s law, that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles about every two years, has long buttressed society’s technological revolution. It has meant exponential growth in the technological sector, […]

IEG v Zurich: Insurance Law for the Digital Age?

The rules for the division of a prize, that is a captured Vessel in 18th Century Maritime custom, were elaborate and precise. In Patrick O’Brian’s, “Master and Commander”, Captain Jack Aubrey contemplates his share of the prize, the Danish ship, “DORTHE ENGELBRECHTSDATTER”, as follows: “As he let himself sink on to the long cushioned locker, he found […]

About Pro-DIGI

Pro-DIGI is a forum for discussion.  Contributors are invited to discuss the emergence of the digital city, with particular emphasis on the developing business district of Liverpool. Paradoxically, the presence of much derided call centres in the city centre has created significant resource in IT support within the city.  There is a tradition in Liverpool […]