About Pro-DIGI

Pro-DIGI is a forum for discussion.  Contributors are invited to discuss the emergence of the digital city, with particular emphasis on the developing business district of Liverpool.

Paradoxically, the presence of much derided call centres in the city centre has created significant resource in IT support within the city.  There is a tradition in Liverpool of lack of formality and mental flexibility (admittedly often described in rather less flattering terms).  These attributes lend themselves clearly to the digital economy, where structure and status are of little importance and business is conducted with openness and flexibility.

So the digital city emerges, but what is it?  It is clearly very different to the industrial city with its corporate buildings and droves of wage slaves.  However, is it a new urban environment or has the liberation of the digital age recreated aspects of the medieval or even ancient city?  Do we revert to a place to which people go for positive reasons associated with business and social contact, intellectual debate and cultural experience, as opposed to being driven there through the economic necessity of work?

Or is the true digital city not a place at all, but the connections and contacts which develop through the web?

Understanding the digital city will enhance the prospect of maximising the opportunities of the digital age.