Complete Counsel delivers a model which we believe to be most effective for Barristers in the current market-place.  The essence of our approach has been to identify areas which amount to no more than simple process and which can be managed at low cost through the use of IT and dedicated PA support – without any impact on service standards or quality.  As a contrast to this – we also recognise that there are specific areas in terms of client contact, business development and fee collection where a more individual approach is required.

Benefit?  Barristers using Complete Counsel will achieve a significant reduction in their base costs of support in comparison to the rates charged by the traditional Chambers model.

Service users of Complete Counsel recognise the need to take a pro-active approach in terms of marketing and profile development in particular through the use of digital media.  We know that such an approach is essential in a developing and changing market for legal services.

Complete Counsel does not operate on an exclusive basis.  Barristers using the service can do so in conjunction with membership of their primary Chambers.

Seeking a practice in the North West? Complete Counsel could prove beneficial to specialist practitioners seeking to develop their work in the North West of England.

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All change – new discount rate

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On the 27th February 2017 the MOJ announced that the discount rate, previously set at 2.5%, would drop down to -0.75% with effect from the 20th March 2017. Whilst a drop had been... READ MORE